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526 Arbor Vitae Ave., Inglewood, CA 90301

President: Kin Lindgren  Tel: 949 295-6331  E-mail:  usa4kin@dslexpreme.com

Secretary: Kristine Hofve  Tel: 310 221-2518  E-mail: kristinehofve@sbcglobal.net

Events near San FranCisco, California
sponsored by Lodge Fylgia # 119, VOA
Aug 11, 2012: Crayfest 2012! - This is a cooking demonstration and more! Pia Klaussen, owner of Nordic House will prepare the Crayfish and another dish. She will also demonstrate how to prepare the crayfish and another dish. Scott Schulkin, Chair of Fylgia will demonstrate the art of aquavit infusing (its almost alchemy!). Guests will dine outdoors and each person will have two pounds of crayfish! Guests should bring their own beverage.

Food and Dancing! After the cooking demonstration and lunch, music will be provided and dancing facilitated by Toby Blome and Fred Bialy. We will enjoy a quintessential Swedish meal followed by svensk gamla dans (traditional Swedish dancing). How fun is that?!


The date is Saturday, August 11th, beginning at 11 am. A cooking lesson, lunch, music, dancing, sun and a lot of fun all for $15 per person!

Please RSVP by Tuesday August 7th at 5pm. PLEASE NOTE THE location is at Nordic House 2709 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley 94702. No passport necessary!

contact S. Schulkin phone 415 577 4075
email: sschulkin@comcast.net
Event location: PLEASE NOTE THE location is at Nordic House 2709 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley 94702.

Aug 14, 2012: Swedish Dancing! - Toby Blome and Fred Bialy return to resume our monthly traditional Swedish dance lessons! This is really fun and open to the public! Cost is $5.
contact S. Schulkin phone 415 577 4075
email: sschulkin@comcast.net

Sep 11, 2012: A Traveler's Eye, From Nordkapp to Lemaire Channel - Long time Fylgia members and avid travelers the Olsons will share with us some of their adventures! This will be fun and informative.
contact S. Schulkin phone 415 577 4075
email: sschulkin@comcast.net

Oct 09, 2012: Fylgia Anniversary Dinner - Our annual anniversary dinner. Sorry, Fylgia members only. Location to be determined.
Event location:

Dec 11, 2012: Julbord (Traditional Christmas Dinner) - Our traditional Christmas dinner. Join us! More information will be posted as the event gets closer. In the mean time, mark your calendar!

Events at Vasa Park, Agoura, California



Sunday, May 15, 2011  2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For information additional information, contact Jerry Reylek at 760 324-0717


Sunday, June 26, 2011  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Raising of the Maypole, Dancing, Singing, Children’s Games



June 26 – July 1, 2011 immediately following Midsummer Festival

Camp for Children and Grandchildren of the Vasa Order of America

Children 8 to 14 Years Old

Swimming, Water Slide, Horse Riding, Go-Carts, Soccer and much more

Event activities include Scandinavian Traditions



Sunday, September 18, 2011  8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Come and enjoy our Pool/Waterslide, Zip Line,

Petting Zoo, Children’s Games, Folk Dancing, Singing, etc

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